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We are Brand Makers 
We are Social Strategists
We are the
What you do on the court
just isn’t enough


Your BRAND is simply what fans think when they hear or read your name. Let us shape your BRAND IDENTITY so fans, media, and endorsers get to know who you are and how you would like to be perceived. Maybe you have hobbies, interest in charity work, or love to cook. Our BRAND SERVICES identify social organic platforms that let you express that.

You are more than a professional basketball player. You are a BRAND. We do what it takes to make your BRAND stand out above the rest.




Give your brand a digital address with a highly interactive and content filled website. Your fans will stay connected with news, blogs, videos, and other high quality content updates.



How better to set your brand apart than with a high quality logo? Every company needs a logo, and you are no different.



You are already a fan favorite! Now maximize your income by creating and selling merchandise in your very own fan store.


We are the matchmakers you need. It’s time we connect you to our vast portfolio of endorsing partners.

Social Media Strategy

Timeliness is everything. Proper timing is almost as important as the asset itself. Knowing when and why to post is what sets us apart and gives you, the athlete, a significant competitive advantage. HypeStars works with you and your support system to develop personally tailored social media campaigns. We use consumer trends and demographics combined with intelligent market research to create campaigns that produce solid results.

Metrics & Strategy

We don’t just tell you that our strategy and performance driven content is working, we have the stats to back it up.

Build Your Fanbase

Our experts know how to take your following to the next level. Fanbase = $$$

Managed Channels & Posting

It’s not about just posting on social media, it’s about being strategic in the approach.

Organic Social Engagement

Allow us to share content in your organic brand voice so it never feels like an ad.

What Is Your Brand Voice?


Who makes the most purchases?

Ages 18-34

NBA has the youngest audience.

45% of fans are under Age 35

Largest group of media users.

Ages 18-30

Content Creation

Compelling content is the true value of our work. Every function is curated to the personality and individual goals of the athlete. Whether it be a social media post, high quality graphic to support a blog, fan giveaway on your website, or a video shoot showcasing a day in the life, strategic and timely content on multiple channels provides the athlete an opportunity to be heard. Our team is staffed with experts in everything from graphic design to video editing and our digital newsroom acts proactively to all social trends, 24/7. Your digital packages will launch in various phases to create and sustain the most impact. Unsystematic social media posts do little and sometimes can negatively affect your image. It’s time you have the pros provide the proper assets that appropriately reflect your brand.



“ There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them


“ Every Pro Athlete Is A Business, and they should be ran like one.


“ Focus on the game, and we’ll handle the rest.


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